Saturday, 19 March 2011

Friday 18th March

I went to the editing suite to start getting the footage all together and start making it, but when I got there it was already started. The girls had been there yesterday after Alex's unconscious scene and they stayed all lunch time to start it. I looked at it and it looks really good. I am pleased that the girls have started it and have learned a few tricks and skills about editing, which will help the editing process a lot quicker. All I have to do is make the Stage Girls logo and get it into the timeline.

This is what they have started. They have used layering has an effect for Alex remembering looking for them and memories of them, Michaela playing the piano for example.

Thursday 17th March - New Idea for Film - Filming Session 4

Today we had another idea for the film and that Alex can be filmed on a road, preferably not a main or street road and that she can be remembering her friends and that she is looking for them, giving the audience something to try and figure out. We filmed Alex on a cobbled road between two rows of terraced Houses. We had a slight problem, she wasn't wearing the same clothes that she was wearing on Tuesday. So we had to make sure we only got her head and shoulders. We had Alex to wake up in shock to show that she was unconscious for a long time.

As well has this we filmed Michaela and Shasta in the performance piece and we wanted Aaron to be in this piece too, where he is behind the curtain watching them. I used a zoom on him with Michaela in the shot playing the piano, oblivious to him and then I did the point of View shot from behind the curtain, I moved the curtain as though the stalker was moving it and looking at them.

Tuesday 15th March - Change of Plan & Filming Session 3

Today was the initial day me and Michaela were going to film the performance scene again but only this time with a better idea of what we need and more improved shots. Unfortunately Michaela forgot her dress, keeping with the continuity, and she didn’t feel well. So no filming today so we decided to film it on Thursday. But Thursdays plans was changed again.

It was decided that it would be better if we shot in more than 1 location, instead of in the college grounds. So it was decided that I was to film, seen has I have had good past experience with a camera and Tripod and Shasta is going to take my place. Shasta is going to wear the scarf, keeping with the continuity and plot.

Today we went to the park which is a few minutes’ walk from the college and film in there and the surrounding area. Alex will be looking for them shouting Lucy and Jenny, we will have her running in more than one location. There is a bridge next to the park that will be a good place to shoot. We would also have Aaron to do the taking of the pictures.

I actually didn't mind this sudden change of plan because I realised that it was able to be done and we had a good hour or so to do it and I was able to put my skills to good use and that we are able to shoot some good shots.

Today was excellent. The outcome was positive and we felt really pleased with what we had produced. We filmed the sequences we needed and we also came up with a few new ideas on the spot, being out there filming and looking at the surrounding area gave a few ideas and shots we could do. Michaela and Alex came up with the idea that we should have some footage of the place being empty. The sense of emptiness gives the audience something to think about, questions rising in their minds and gives a sort of weird and eerie feel. So I filmed the playground area, which was area by using a tilt up shot and then I saw the swings and one of them was tied around at the top and dangling from an awkward angle. I decided to film these from different angles, in front of them, while they were swinging, giving it that weird and creepy feel. Michaela was sat on a rocking apparatus and it made a weird squeaking sound, so we recorded that while recording the swings. This did pick up but the camera had picked up the wind and so we couldn't use it.

We also had the idea of a shot of Aaron’s feet walking from the tree and down to the bench where the girls sat and where Shasta left the Scarf. I panned on his feet and then cut to another low angle of the scarf on the bench and him picking it up. I then cut again to a shot of his back and his cheek; he lifts the scarf up and sniffs it.

Before we left the park we shot Alex running down a path shouting Lucy and Jenny and running past the camera.

We then had then had another idea whilst going to the bridge that there was a footpath and it looked scruffy, with the fencing all mattered and torn down and the trees giving a dark feel over it too. We had Michaela and Shasta walking down and me holing the camera as though being Aaron, Shasta says "I've forgotten my scarf" and Michaela replies with "let’s go back and get it" they turn around as thought to go back and get it, they instantly scream. The first take they didn't know I was filming, the second time they didn't perfectly, it was truly realistic. I nearly jumped back a bit because I didn't expect it to be so sudden and loud. But this was great because it gave it that realistic feel and that something they have seen is pretty scary indeed.  

We then finished with Alex running along the Bridge and shouting Lucy and Jenny we had her looking over the bridge too make it obvious she is looking for them. On the road and the bridge that we were filming on, although it wasn’t a main or street road, it did lead to a Cement Factory and a truck was heading along the road to go to it Alex was on the other side of the bridge so we had to shout to Alex to keep in and keep off the road and that a truck was coming. She did so and we had to keep in mind about Health and Safety to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Today went really well and we were very pleased with the outcome. We came up with some good ideas as well as those on the spot being out there on location. I am pleased that the girls did very well with the acting and that we all co-operated as a group and thanks to Aaron for coming out too, to reshoot his scenes.

Monday 14th March - Filming Session 2

Today we filmed Alex and Shasta running outside the college shouting Jenny and Lucy, the names given to the characters of the other two girls that me and Michaela play. I recorded Alex and Shasta's shots from a variety of Angles as well has Aaron's scene.

Long/Mid Shot: This showed Alex and Shasta running from the top of the path to the bottom allowing enough time to cut the piece down/Edit. I also had both Alex and Shasta looking over the bars. I had  few second shot of Alex and then Shasta and then both of them. My idea was to have them both then have Shasta fade out and Alex is still in place then Alex to fade out and Shasta back in place and then Shasta fades and no one is there.

Close up/Low angle: This showed Alex and Shasta's feet running along the path as well has the dropping of the scarf, but I didn't hit record I pressed it after it thought I had recorded it, the record was paused when I wanted to record the scarf falling. I must remember to look at the footage before going back to capture it onto the computer and make sure that it is actually recording and that we have several takes of each piece of footage.

Over the Shoulder shot: This shows Aaron taking the pictures of Me and Michaela walking and me dropping the scarf. This allows the audience to see from Aaron's point of view and gives it that creepy feel for the audience.

For the Stair scene I tried to keep with has much continuity as possible. Here are the selection of shots I decided to do whilst keeping with continuity.

High angle shot: Alex runs passed the camera and down the stairs and stops to at the top of the second flight of stairs so I can move the camera to the bottom and continue the sequence.

Low angle shot: Alex runs down the second flight of stairs and passed the camera which continues the running from the top of the stairs keeping with the continuity.

Mid shot: Shasta walks past the camera and pauses a few inches away from the bar at the stop of the stairs

Worms eye Shot: Shasta continues from the pause and looks over the edge of the bar looking down keeping with the continuity and then another shot of her looking disappointed from the reaction Alex makes and then walks away from the bar and out of shot.

 Setting up the tripod getting ready to film.
Filming Aarons piece, lifting the Digital Camera up as though taking a picture of the girls walking. 
The pieces of footage used for the Film.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Thursday 10th March - Change of Plan

Thursday 10th March

The ideas and the plot of the film was changing. Michaellas Ideas was to have the man on his own sorting their camera out and sticking pictures of the girls up on his wall. Then a camera flash is to be used. Girls walking in a park laughing and the man is in the background taking pictures. The girl drops her scarf without both of them realising and leaves the park and this will be edited into slow motion as the scarf hits the floor. The man picks up the scarf and sniffs it a camera flash is used again and then it goes back to him in his room looking at pictures and placing the scarf neatly on his table.

Alex's idea was to have the girls tied up and have a person running around the college trying to find them as well has the performance and the stalker piece.

We finally resolved the solution by sticking with the original idea but adding more of an enigma to it something that audience would want to watch more of. We added Alex's idea of the girls being tied up instead of a stalker just taking pictures.
I still feel unsure and worried about the how long we will have to film it. If I keep positive and stay motivated I can bring the groups spirits back up and make sure that we can make this film work.

Wednesday 9th March

Wednesday 9th March

After looking back at the footage I felt let down there wasn’t much we could use, in the process of filming we thought we were doing well but when we got feedback from our teacher it wasn’t our best and that it may need doing again. This put the group’s confidence down and their doubts that the film won’t be done and won’t look good where becoming more and more worrying. This lead to the group changing the idea and the plot of the story which upset me as I am not accustomed to change and I too was disappointed with the feedback but I wanted to resolve this issue and look at how we can make it better and carry on with the idea and keep filming. But the group wanted to do it differently due to the lack of confidence and doubts. I had a plan of action going what I wanted to film and what needed filming and it wasn’t going to plan, ideas and schedules where changing from the rest of the group which put me into doubt and made me worry more. I looked at the footage on and saw that they was little footage to be used but there is still footage that can be used for the film and that was only Michaellas shots.

Tuesday 8th March - Filming Session 1

The Performance of the Girls for the Film

Today we filmed the performance of the girls. It was decided that me and Michaela was to be in the film as the performers. I didn’t mind being in front of the camera. But I found it hard to film and be in the film at the same time. It took me 25-30 minutes to get the stage prepared as well has getting myself ready. It took me at least 30 minutes to get the music to work which wasted valuable filming time. While I was waiting for the music to work, from the help of Kerry and George I started to work on Michaela's shots on the piano I used the following shots

Mid Shot - From the other end of the piano, camera sitting on the piano

Close up Shot - Of Michaela's fingers playing the piano.

Low angle Shot/Tilt - Of Michaela playing the piano

Bird’s Eye View/Tracking shot/Close up - Along the piano Keys of Michaela playing the piano

Close up Shot - Of Michaela playing the piano, front view, so you can see her face and half her body and her playing the piano.

With these variety of shots I can make a more interesting piece of footage, which makes the film less boring with the same styles of shots used in every piece.

When the Music was up and running we had a friend of Michaela's who helped us with the filming of us both as well has a friend of mine called Jennifer.
After Lunch Alex and Shasta came in and we did some more filming, this time Alex was able to film some shots for us so that it made it easier for us to capture.
Within today’s session we took some photos of us and Michaela so we can print them out and use them for the stalkers scene.
I felt today went well, I felt a bit disappointed that the sound and music system to a while to get up and running and we had to keep going back and forth to play the music again. I feel the overall progress was good and we captured good amounts of footage. Next time we shoot for the performance I will make sure that the Stage is ready and the sound and lighting system is up and running before going ahead with the filming session.

 The piano is in place on a slant so we see part of Micaela as well has a good shot of the body of the piano.
 Michaela's Friend helping with the Sound and Music System
The stage is prepared and the camera is in place on the tripod.
 Getting good angle shots of the performance and as well has good shots for the pictures.
 Michaela helping to film the performance piece with just me in the shots.
 Pictures for the stalker and good angle shots for the performance piece.
 Kerry helping with the sound system. She is contacting George to help with the sound.
 The sound and lighting system (lighting system on the left)
 Jennifer helping with the filming getting the right angles, panning and shots for the piece.
 Another shot of the stage and piano. The stage and Piano are placed close together so that we can have some interaction with me and the Michaela by having me sitting on the piano and singing to Michaela to make it more entertaining.
The lighting and sound box at the top.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011



We have looked at two possible logos for our company. With our name "M.A.S.C Productions" we found that it looks like an ironic word of "Mask" so we have decided to have masks has out logo. Here are the two we looked at and what we decided.

We took this image from Google Images (See Source 1) and we thought the black ribbons where cut out of the frame didn't go well, so I uploaded the image into Photoshop, which I don't know how to use either, I have only used but I was just experimenting. So I found out how to get rid of the ribbons but we only kept the strip from the sad masks head which flows being the happy mask and we cut it off to make it look complete and not cut off from the frame. But has I was able to get rid of the un wanted ribbon I could see the outline of the ribbon that had been erased and I didn't know how to get rid of it. Only realising this when I had imported it into the timeline in Adobe Premier I decided to work with Shasta to find another picture. So the group decided that they didn't like the masks so I said I can find another picture from a site called Deviant Art ( and found the picture below. 
I found this picture here -  and asked the owner of the picture -voorikvergeet if it was possible to use their work. On Deviant Art they are certain rules people need to follow by, as a member on the site for over 2 years I have learned to respect other artists work. One of the rules which is appreciated a lot is to ask the artist if it can be used for whatever reason, unless told by the artist in their artists comments that it can be used, it is free or it is free but you must give me link to the work you have used it for. Here I have done so:

My account is - Baby-x-Bat and has you can see I commented and asked if I can use it and explained what for. I found that the user hasn't been active for a while but with time not on our side I am going to use the masks anyway and then link her the video when I am able to upload it to YouTube (which I also have an account for)

Here is the chosen logo as a final in the Opening Film


I have started the opening sequence with the company's logo and name, as well has the credits for Producer and Director. I have placed the exterior shot of Burnley Mechanics in and from Tuesday 8th March 2011 filming session I have placed the clips we are going to use in the sequence.

In this panel you have your clips and titles for the movie. The colours represent what type of footage it is. Purples represent titles and blank footage so you can had titles and pictures and edit them easily. The Greens represent recorded footage or any type of footage that has been imported. With this you can edit them using the effects (See number 2) and which part of the footage you want (see numbers 4, 5, 6 and 8). The panel basically is the components that make up the film, the footage and the extra titles, these are the key points for the film and they are exactly what the film is made up of.

The effects panel is full of variety; these can be used on recorded/imported film footage as well has the titles and pictures. The effects are a lot different to those I have used in Windows Movie Maker, they are much more complex, they are worded differently to those in WMM which are worded simply and you can look at what action it does. I have used two types of effects which is “Cross Dissolve In” and “Cross Dissolve Out”. The text effects have their own effects too, as well as those in the Effects panel. The effects in the Text are better for the text has it actually uses the effect on the text and not the whole segment as a whole. In the upcoming weeks I am going to experiment and find out what each effect does and how it will be effective for the film. Using the “Cross Dissolve” is simple but effective and gives a really eerie sense to the film.

This is the screen where you will see the footage that you have in the left panel (See number 1) you can only see actual film footage not text or blank footage these have to be edited and placed in the time line separately to see them and work with them.
4, 5 and 6
These buttons are the point markers for the footage that you want to crop separately. Marker 4 is the starting point of the required footage you want and Marker 5 is the end point of the required footage this makes number 6. This is coloured a lighter gray to show you what you have highlighted. This makes it easier for the editor to cut footage they want out of the film and see what it looks like by playing the play, pause, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward buttons on the left (See number 7) On the left hand screen (See number 14) you can see what the footage will look like when placed into the timeline below (See numbers 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) by doing this you can click and hold the reel button (See number 8) and drag to the timeline for the required footage you have marked out.

This is an alternative way to Rewind or Fast Forward at your desired speed, so you have full control on how far you want to go back or forward or how slow you want to go to get to a certain point.

The button is pictures as a Film Reel, this will allow you to place the selected segment from that piece of footage on the timeline and from there you can edit further. Just click and hold and drag to the timeline.

This green bar represents the footage that you have edited/placed effects on or over etc; this allows you to see if you have “rendered” the footage together so that the effects work with the footage and runs smoothly when playing back. If there is the colour red in the green bar is means it hasn’t been rendered, so by using the keyboard shortcut “Enter” button it will render those pieces so that effects will work and the footage is able to work.

In this plane you placed your required text that you have made (will appear in your footage panel see number 1) you can decide where it goes within the time line and then in the separate panel, where the text is edited separately, you can decide where it goes on the screen, what it looks like and what effects you will use if any.

In this plane you place your required footage that you have in the footage panel (See number 1) and add any effects you want from the effects panel by click and hold and drag and drop onto the footage within the time line.

12 and 13
This panel is for your Audio. This is where you can add music or adjust the volume on the footage above, 13 is the audio of the footage above. You can use audio from any other footage you may have earlier or later in the time line and place it under another piece of footage. For example, you can use the Audio clip, 13, and place it under another piece of footage; you can place it in under two pieces of footage and have the audio overlapping from one to the over.

This is the screen where you can view your film from the timeline, and just like those in numbers 4, 5 and 7 you can use the same technique to see the footage at a certain point or to get back to the beginning or the end. As well has this you can edit where pictures and texts are placed as well has their size.

Here is the Keyboard that is used for Adobe Premier, this makes it easier for the editing with these shortcuts.

I haven't worked with a keyboard like this and it felt different to use a keyboard that was not only to be used for writing text but also to be used as shortcuts for the Adobe Premier Suite.

This is the Screen that allows you to add your text to your left hand panel with the other footages/Music etc. You are able to change the text with the variety of fonts below the display screen and change its size and colour.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Editing - Opening Sequence and Exterior Shot

Thursday 3rd March 2011

Today I have started with the editing process and discussed with Michaela and Shasta which shot to use. We decided to go with the Pan left to right. In the editing suite I am using Adobe Premier. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past for my own entertainment when I am have been making fan films for YouTube. So using Adobe Premier is much more advanced and complex than WMM. I will find this hard at first to get used to but I will find that I will enjoy using it with the more possibilities I have with it than those on WMM.


Here I have started to add the opening to the film with our production logo which is still in making and the exterior shot of Burnley Mechanics.
Through this session I have learned a few new skills using Adobe Premier and will make the editing process a lot easier.

Group Discussion - Backups, Descions Made, Film and Editing Proccess

Wednesday 2nd March 2011
Today I went to film the exterior shot of the theatre Burnley Mechanics (See screenshots below) BM is situated in Burnley and I had a general idea where it was. Yesterday Tuesday 1st March only me and Shasta where present and our teacher discussed what we could to get the filming process going. Shasta doesn't live in Burnley and doesn't know the area well so I took up the responsibility to go and shoot the exterior shot of BM. I looked at 3 possible types of shots I could use 1.) Mid shot 2.) Pan left to right 3.) Pan down
I looked on Google Maps and searched for Burnley Mechanics and used the Street View to have a look at the location.

Mid Shot
Hold for 4 Seconds Max

Pan Left to Right
Length: 4-6 Seconds

Pan Down
Length: 4 Seconds

Possible Shot
I decided not to go with this one seen has the audience wouldn't be able to see the theatre clearly and see exactly where they are suppose to look or know where the characters are placed.

This is the Street across from Burnley Mechanics. I will be on this side so I can get a good shot of the building and be able to use the 3 shots I have chosen.

I planned that I would be there at 9:00 am and be no longer than 15 minutes has I wouldn't need too long filming and would give me enough time to get good shots, as it is suited on a busy road which means cars and buses go past. As well has this it gives me a good enough time not to get anyone from the public in the shot.