Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ideas for the Opening Film

Idea of opening Film

First off the idea was to have both the Main male and female characters meeting in a restaurant on a date but the crowd and sound level and would be a problem, as well has the permission to film on the premises. So we changed the idea, keeping the main characters but different plot. Both Addison and Leland are getting ready for their date. Leland is rushing around at the last minute putting on clothes and rushing out the door. He turns up at the wrong house/apartment and see’s a female who is actually the one for him, laid back, not in neat clothes etc. At the same time, Addison gets a knock on her door thinking its Leland but in fact it someone called Luke who is just like Addison, serious, plain and posh. So both Male characters go into the apartments trying to get in contact with their actual dates.