Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thursday 17th March - New Idea for Film - Filming Session 4

Today we had another idea for the film and that Alex can be filmed on a road, preferably not a main or street road and that she can be remembering her friends and that she is looking for them, giving the audience something to try and figure out. We filmed Alex on a cobbled road between two rows of terraced Houses. We had a slight problem, she wasn't wearing the same clothes that she was wearing on Tuesday. So we had to make sure we only got her head and shoulders. We had Alex to wake up in shock to show that she was unconscious for a long time.

As well has this we filmed Michaela and Shasta in the performance piece and we wanted Aaron to be in this piece too, where he is behind the curtain watching them. I used a zoom on him with Michaela in the shot playing the piano, oblivious to him and then I did the point of View shot from behind the curtain, I moved the curtain as though the stalker was moving it and looking at them.

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