Saturday, 19 March 2011

Monday 14th March - Filming Session 2

Today we filmed Alex and Shasta running outside the college shouting Jenny and Lucy, the names given to the characters of the other two girls that me and Michaela play. I recorded Alex and Shasta's shots from a variety of Angles as well has Aaron's scene.

Long/Mid Shot: This showed Alex and Shasta running from the top of the path to the bottom allowing enough time to cut the piece down/Edit. I also had both Alex and Shasta looking over the bars. I had  few second shot of Alex and then Shasta and then both of them. My idea was to have them both then have Shasta fade out and Alex is still in place then Alex to fade out and Shasta back in place and then Shasta fades and no one is there.

Close up/Low angle: This showed Alex and Shasta's feet running along the path as well has the dropping of the scarf, but I didn't hit record I pressed it after it thought I had recorded it, the record was paused when I wanted to record the scarf falling. I must remember to look at the footage before going back to capture it onto the computer and make sure that it is actually recording and that we have several takes of each piece of footage.

Over the Shoulder shot: This shows Aaron taking the pictures of Me and Michaela walking and me dropping the scarf. This allows the audience to see from Aaron's point of view and gives it that creepy feel for the audience.

For the Stair scene I tried to keep with has much continuity as possible. Here are the selection of shots I decided to do whilst keeping with continuity.

High angle shot: Alex runs passed the camera and down the stairs and stops to at the top of the second flight of stairs so I can move the camera to the bottom and continue the sequence.

Low angle shot: Alex runs down the second flight of stairs and passed the camera which continues the running from the top of the stairs keeping with the continuity.

Mid shot: Shasta walks past the camera and pauses a few inches away from the bar at the stop of the stairs

Worms eye Shot: Shasta continues from the pause and looks over the edge of the bar looking down keeping with the continuity and then another shot of her looking disappointed from the reaction Alex makes and then walks away from the bar and out of shot.

 Setting up the tripod getting ready to film.
Filming Aarons piece, lifting the Digital Camera up as though taking a picture of the girls walking. 
The pieces of footage used for the Film.

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