Saturday, 5 March 2011

Editing - Opening Sequence and Exterior Shot

Thursday 3rd March 2011

Today I have started with the editing process and discussed with Michaela and Shasta which shot to use. We decided to go with the Pan left to right. In the editing suite I am using Adobe Premier. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past for my own entertainment when I am have been making fan films for YouTube. So using Adobe Premier is much more advanced and complex than WMM. I will find this hard at first to get used to but I will find that I will enjoy using it with the more possibilities I have with it than those on WMM.


Here I have started to add the opening to the film with our production logo which is still in making and the exterior shot of Burnley Mechanics.
Through this session I have learned a few new skills using Adobe Premier and will make the editing process a lot easier.

Group Discussion - Backups, Descions Made, Film and Editing Proccess

Wednesday 2nd March 2011
Today I went to film the exterior shot of the theatre Burnley Mechanics (See screenshots below) BM is situated in Burnley and I had a general idea where it was. Yesterday Tuesday 1st March only me and Shasta where present and our teacher discussed what we could to get the filming process going. Shasta doesn't live in Burnley and doesn't know the area well so I took up the responsibility to go and shoot the exterior shot of BM. I looked at 3 possible types of shots I could use 1.) Mid shot 2.) Pan left to right 3.) Pan down
I looked on Google Maps and searched for Burnley Mechanics and used the Street View to have a look at the location.

Mid Shot
Hold for 4 Seconds Max

Pan Left to Right
Length: 4-6 Seconds

Pan Down
Length: 4 Seconds

Possible Shot
I decided not to go with this one seen has the audience wouldn't be able to see the theatre clearly and see exactly where they are suppose to look or know where the characters are placed.

This is the Street across from Burnley Mechanics. I will be on this side so I can get a good shot of the building and be able to use the 3 shots I have chosen.

I planned that I would be there at 9:00 am and be no longer than 15 minutes has I wouldn't need too long filming and would give me enough time to get good shots, as it is suited on a busy road which means cars and buses go past. As well has this it gives me a good enough time not to get anyone from the public in the shot.