Monday, 7 February 2011

Research and Ideas


For this part of the unit I gathered some notes for my research by going to my local library, which was on site of the college I am at (Thomas Whitham Sixth form) and read OCR Media Studies for AS pages 31-42 and made notes on Continuity.

I found some really useful information that will help me when making the opening sequence to the film. I found that we must do storyboards and how they are vital which I understand is necessary as the group need to know what needs to be done for each scene, how it is shot, movement of camera, which shot it comes in from (Editing) etc.  

I found that a shooting script will be really useful alongside the storyboard as well as the ongoing process of filming it. I found that it is logical “to film all the sequences in one location at a time” this will make the filming process easier for us, as well has looking at the possibilities of locations, how we can get there, is it possible to film, do we have permission to film their etc.

I also looked at opening sequences to films. I kept thinking that the opening sequence is a trailer, I was thinking that it would look and be shown similar to a trailer. So by watching opening sequences to films it took  me off the idea of a trailer. I learned that you can fit a lot into a 2 minute piece of footage and that you can make it so that your audience want to see more, which is the general idea.

I brainstormed and came up with a few ideas.

Rom Com - a couple either boyfriend & Girlfriend/FiancĂ©/Husband - funny things happening between them:
  • One of them eats the last chocolate.
  • Putting the darks in the whites
  • The male is watching Football and doesn't help with the female with shopping
  • Arguments on the best way to deal with the DIY in the House
The male character goes to the Navy. At the end the female comes home from a stressful day at work finds the door is already open and thinks that he has come home. The camera follows her into the dining room, cuts to a mid shot of her walking in the dining room with the camera in front of her to see shock on her face and it goes black and a voice over says "but he was the last person I wanted to see"

Drama - A teenager Vlogs (blogs through video) only friend is his camera and the Internet/YouTube OR teenager makes films for YouTube but the stuff he films such as light saber duels are actually real and people actually get killed.

Rom Com - Title: The girl & her ghost
A teenage girl is grieving over her dead farther, a guardian angel/ghost is there to help her through her grieving and life. The male guardian is sent by her farther to make sure she is safe and happy and does well in life, fulfils her dreams. She falls in love with someone but realises she has feelings for her angel and she finds out he loves her too but they can’t be together because other people will be judgemental and no one else can see him, it’s not natural.

I really wanted to do a Rom-Com something different to everyone else has done, something entertaining too.