Monday, 28 February 2011

Group Discussion - Storyboard and filming idea's - UPDATE

Just discussed some ideas for the filming process and were we are up to with the Storyboard. We have discussed filming ideas. The girls, before I rejoined, had a few friends who would be representing the characters for our film. After discussion about the possibilities of what might go wrong, we decided that as a backup Me and Michaela will be backup actors for the girls. Seen has the other people are from a different college, there is the possibility that they might not turn up for the filming days and that we would have to schedule our filming times around our college timetable as well has theirs. After more discussion me and Michaela will be the girls instead making it easier for us to film and that we are filming at our college and that we will be scheduled at the right time to film, we will be filming in our time for media.

I found this gave me peace of mind, knowing that we won’t be waiting around and wasting time, that the filming process can flow easier, as the location is on the site, we attend the college, we are filming at the same time we are scheduled to as well has in our own time and it is easier for us to communicate to keep in contact just in case one of us can’t make it for the filming days.

Group Production Roles

Opening Sequence Planning Sheet

Narrative Planning Sheet

Here are the Storyboards:

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 3

Storyboard 4