Friday, 18 March 2011

Tuesday 8th March - Filming Session 1

The Performance of the Girls for the Film

Today we filmed the performance of the girls. It was decided that me and Michaela was to be in the film as the performers. I didn’t mind being in front of the camera. But I found it hard to film and be in the film at the same time. It took me 25-30 minutes to get the stage prepared as well has getting myself ready. It took me at least 30 minutes to get the music to work which wasted valuable filming time. While I was waiting for the music to work, from the help of Kerry and George I started to work on Michaela's shots on the piano I used the following shots

Mid Shot - From the other end of the piano, camera sitting on the piano

Close up Shot - Of Michaela's fingers playing the piano.

Low angle Shot/Tilt - Of Michaela playing the piano

Bird’s Eye View/Tracking shot/Close up - Along the piano Keys of Michaela playing the piano

Close up Shot - Of Michaela playing the piano, front view, so you can see her face and half her body and her playing the piano.

With these variety of shots I can make a more interesting piece of footage, which makes the film less boring with the same styles of shots used in every piece.

When the Music was up and running we had a friend of Michaela's who helped us with the filming of us both as well has a friend of mine called Jennifer.
After Lunch Alex and Shasta came in and we did some more filming, this time Alex was able to film some shots for us so that it made it easier for us to capture.
Within today’s session we took some photos of us and Michaela so we can print them out and use them for the stalkers scene.
I felt today went well, I felt a bit disappointed that the sound and music system to a while to get up and running and we had to keep going back and forth to play the music again. I feel the overall progress was good and we captured good amounts of footage. Next time we shoot for the performance I will make sure that the Stage is ready and the sound and lighting system is up and running before going ahead with the filming session.

 The piano is in place on a slant so we see part of Micaela as well has a good shot of the body of the piano.
 Michaela's Friend helping with the Sound and Music System
The stage is prepared and the camera is in place on the tripod.
 Getting good angle shots of the performance and as well has good shots for the pictures.
 Michaela helping to film the performance piece with just me in the shots.
 Pictures for the stalker and good angle shots for the performance piece.
 Kerry helping with the sound system. She is contacting George to help with the sound.
 The sound and lighting system (lighting system on the left)
 Jennifer helping with the filming getting the right angles, panning and shots for the piece.
 Another shot of the stage and piano. The stage and Piano are placed close together so that we can have some interaction with me and the Michaela by having me sitting on the piano and singing to Michaela to make it more entertaining.
The lighting and sound box at the top.

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