Saturday, 19 March 2011

Tuesday 15th March - Change of Plan & Filming Session 3

Today was the initial day me and Michaela were going to film the performance scene again but only this time with a better idea of what we need and more improved shots. Unfortunately Michaela forgot her dress, keeping with the continuity, and she didn’t feel well. So no filming today so we decided to film it on Thursday. But Thursdays plans was changed again.

It was decided that it would be better if we shot in more than 1 location, instead of in the college grounds. So it was decided that I was to film, seen has I have had good past experience with a camera and Tripod and Shasta is going to take my place. Shasta is going to wear the scarf, keeping with the continuity and plot.

Today we went to the park which is a few minutes’ walk from the college and film in there and the surrounding area. Alex will be looking for them shouting Lucy and Jenny, we will have her running in more than one location. There is a bridge next to the park that will be a good place to shoot. We would also have Aaron to do the taking of the pictures.

I actually didn't mind this sudden change of plan because I realised that it was able to be done and we had a good hour or so to do it and I was able to put my skills to good use and that we are able to shoot some good shots.

Today was excellent. The outcome was positive and we felt really pleased with what we had produced. We filmed the sequences we needed and we also came up with a few new ideas on the spot, being out there filming and looking at the surrounding area gave a few ideas and shots we could do. Michaela and Alex came up with the idea that we should have some footage of the place being empty. The sense of emptiness gives the audience something to think about, questions rising in their minds and gives a sort of weird and eerie feel. So I filmed the playground area, which was area by using a tilt up shot and then I saw the swings and one of them was tied around at the top and dangling from an awkward angle. I decided to film these from different angles, in front of them, while they were swinging, giving it that weird and creepy feel. Michaela was sat on a rocking apparatus and it made a weird squeaking sound, so we recorded that while recording the swings. This did pick up but the camera had picked up the wind and so we couldn't use it.

We also had the idea of a shot of Aaron’s feet walking from the tree and down to the bench where the girls sat and where Shasta left the Scarf. I panned on his feet and then cut to another low angle of the scarf on the bench and him picking it up. I then cut again to a shot of his back and his cheek; he lifts the scarf up and sniffs it.

Before we left the park we shot Alex running down a path shouting Lucy and Jenny and running past the camera.

We then had then had another idea whilst going to the bridge that there was a footpath and it looked scruffy, with the fencing all mattered and torn down and the trees giving a dark feel over it too. We had Michaela and Shasta walking down and me holing the camera as though being Aaron, Shasta says "I've forgotten my scarf" and Michaela replies with "let’s go back and get it" they turn around as thought to go back and get it, they instantly scream. The first take they didn't know I was filming, the second time they didn't perfectly, it was truly realistic. I nearly jumped back a bit because I didn't expect it to be so sudden and loud. But this was great because it gave it that realistic feel and that something they have seen is pretty scary indeed.  

We then finished with Alex running along the Bridge and shouting Lucy and Jenny we had her looking over the bridge too make it obvious she is looking for them. On the road and the bridge that we were filming on, although it wasn’t a main or street road, it did lead to a Cement Factory and a truck was heading along the road to go to it Alex was on the other side of the bridge so we had to shout to Alex to keep in and keep off the road and that a truck was coming. She did so and we had to keep in mind about Health and Safety to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Today went really well and we were very pleased with the outcome. We came up with some good ideas as well as those on the spot being out there on location. I am pleased that the girls did very well with the acting and that we all co-operated as a group and thanks to Aaron for coming out too, to reshoot his scenes.

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