Sunday, 27 February 2011

Change of Plan - Syndey has left the UK

Change of Plan

Sydney, who I was working with to film a Rom-Com, has left the UK to go back to New Zealand.  Before I worked with Sydney I was going to work with 3 other girls who were doing a Rom-Com also but then they changed it to a thriller which put me off the idea as I don't particular like Thriller which is why I started working with Sydney as she was going to film a genre that I liked. But in recent events, Sydney has left the UK to go back to New Zealand to live there again.

Discussing the Storyboard
After going back with Alex, Michaela and Shasta I looked at the storyboard they had so far and discussed any changes we could make. I suggested a few ideas for both shots, effects and for the editing process.

The Story - I looked at the storyboard and could get a idea of what the story was about. With further discussion Alex and Michaela went into detail on what the plot was. The title is called "Stage Girls" as we have 2 girls who perform on a stage. The production name is "M.A.S.C Productions each letter representing the first letter of our first names. 
They are 2 girl characters who are performers on stage. There is a male character who is a stalker/Pervert on these 2 girls. He watches them and takes photos of them and has room with a wall with the pictures of the girls. He creeps behind stage and spies on them through the door of their changing room. We are going to include heavy breathing and the male character is going to kiss the photos. We want to make a twisted sort of character.

The Editing and Storyboard sequence
Opening sequence: M.A.S.C Productions will appear on the screen with a picture of theatre masks, giving it that ironic touch for both picture and name. Then the film title will appear "Stage Girls" and this will appear on a mirror which will be written on in lipstick. This will be created by using an actual mirror and lipstick and then taking a photo of it and adding it to the editing process. A panning exterior shot of the theatre (Burnley Mechanics was used) to show the location of where the girls are. It will cut to the girls on the stage, on singing and one playing the piano. We will use Panning, Close ups, Mid and Long shots. After this the camera will zoom to the singers bright red lips and then use a jump cut to where the man is in his room sticking another picture of the girls on his wall. The room won’t be brightly lit and with have a eerie feel in which we well have the man breathing heavily. We will then have another zoom in on one of the picture and use a flash of a camera effect to show a flashback of the time he took the picture.

We looked at opening sequences of Thrillers by other students to look for a style we would like and suit the film best. This gave the group confidence giving us a foundation to work with and an idea we can use and help develop our film.

Further Planning
I really don't like Thrillers but I am going to watch 5 minutes of 3 Thrillers and write their narrative features down just like I did with the Rom-Com’s.

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