Friday, 25 February 2011

Sex and the City

Narrative Features

Sex and the City
Intro of Characters
Carrie – An upper class girl who lives in New York who is a writer along with her 3 other friends Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda each with their different stories. Carrie has a passion for writing and it seems to be a success.
Samantha -  Her idea of love was sex. But she found a man who can give her both sex and love.  So she moved to Hollywood with Television star Smith Jerry. She doesn’t seem committed to marriage but to her own pleasure such has gift and luxury. She seems to be enjoying her job but working away in Hollywood seems to take her away from her friends so the only person she sees is Smith.
Charlotte – Is a hopeless romantic who looks for her prince charming and having the perfect wedding. It hasn’t gone good for her and now she has found the one she loves, became a Jew and married him. They struggled in having a baby so they adopted. She is a committed person to both her marriage and her child.
Miranda – She believes in Tough Love. She became pregnant so she travelled to Brooklyn for both her son Brady and the sons father Steven who she got married to. She is also committed just like Charlotte to her Marriage and Child but her job is very demanding which may make things difficult during the film.
Locations – New York, Los Angeles, California
Theme- Love, Commitment, life, wealth, romance, different stories
Iconography – Sarah Jessica Parker (Famous American Actress) – Known for: Sex and the City movie 1 and 2 and the TV Series, Ed Wood. She is also seen in her own Perfume Ad.
Kim Cattrall (Well known American Actress)- Known for: Sex and the City movie 1 and 2 and the TV Series, Big Trouble in Little China and Police Academy.
Kristin Davis (Well known American Actress) – Known for: Sex and the City Movie 1 and 2 and the TV Series, General Hospital and Couples Retreat.
Cynthia Nixon (Well known American Actress) – Known for: Sex and the City Movie 1 and 2 and the TV Series, Amadeus and Warm Springs.
Record Placement and feature of Credits
Text presented in white and pink colours with sparkly effect in a curvy shaped background they are present for 3 seconds before the shape moves again away from the screen which covers it up and is gone. Each credit after a pattern of black shapes are danced across the screen with cut out spaces where the intro to the film is going through as well has different videos related to the voice over and intro to the film.
The title of the film “Sex and the City danced across the screen in black letters in different rotations and movements for a few seconds then the background goes black and the letters are capitals and are designed in pink sparkly effect. Which are shown for 3 seconds before zooming out and moving in different rotations and movements where the filling of the letters show the intro the rest of the introduction to the film.
Some of the credits are shown in the actual film, where there is no interruption of shapes or effects and are presented in plain white. Some other text is presented in Pink and white. These bits of the text fly into the screen from different rotations and movements.
After 2 minutes into the film the words from the title Sex and The City are scattered in random positions and in the spaces there is different bits of film footage. These parts of the intro have a red and pink tint background.

How Effective was this
I really like the way it was presented, very creative, unique and different. The video clips in different places of the screen where on for only a few seconds and you couldn't watch each in time to see what was going on. But I found the use of colours and added effects different from the other movies I have watched.

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