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Pulp Fiction

Narrative Features
Pulp Fiction

Intro of Characters
Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) both swear a lot, shows how they are informal and show that they have a comfortable friendship together. They seem calm when handling a gun, seems as though they have been mob hit men for a long time. The witty and humorous quotes gives a light hearted feel to the scene. Both men wear black suits shows smart, serious and professional job. The guns show danger, as the scene goes on Jules shoots a boy (aged 18) and then both Jules and Vincent shoot him dead.  Jules is more serious than Vincent he talks to the group of boys he is questioning seriously but he adds that witty and humorous script to make it a little more light hearted to entertain the audience. Vincent doesn't look too bothered and seems more relaxed and casual. 

Ringo and Yoland are robbers, the scene they are shown at the beginning placed in a cafe/restaurant, they talk about what they have done in the past , robbing wallets etc which shows they are criminals but their appearance is normal both are wearing normal clothes. Ringo wears a patterned open shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and blue jeans and on his finger a gold ring. Yoland is wearing a buttoned cardigan/Jumper, gold necklace half chain with a cowboy boot charm and a black knee length skirt. They discuss robbing a restaurant because the restaurants don't expect it. They decide to do it and begin the robbery. Ringo is talkative and swears a lot. Even though he talks about serious topics, such as crimes he is very calm about it. His partner Yoland is weird with her odd sense of behaviour. she is very quiet until they begin the robbery and she becomes wild and viscous gives that unexpected side for the audience. Ringo is very calm about the robbery giving it that light hearted humour for the audience.

U.S.A - California - L.A, Beverley Hills and North Hollywood

Crimes, Drama, Thriller, Weaponry - Guns - Violence

John Travolta - Famous American Actor (Well known for - Grease, Face/off and Hairspray)

Samuel L. Jackson - Famous American Actor (Well known for - The Incredibles, Star Wars Episode 1-3 and Unbreakable)

Tim Roth - Famous British Actor (Well known for - Reservoir Dogs, Planet of the Apes and The Incredible Hulk)

Bruce Willis - Well known German actor (Well known for - The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, The Fifth Element and Armageddon)

Record Placement and Feature of Credits
Credits started at 4:35 minutes in, scene freezes but sound still operates from that scene. The Distributor is then put on lasts for 5 seconds, in white text, followed by the film title moving up screen in yellow and red, with black background. This zooms out slowly and names of actors come up in white, last for 4 seconds each. The title of film is small and fades away, then credits of actors move up screen other credits shown for 4 seconds.
Music supervisor is shown and the song changes, the same song is played in the car of the opening sequence after the credits end at 6:46

How effective was this
I like the Music supervisor credit when the song changed, very fitting and funny made the credits seem less boring. The credits where too long but putting the important credits first is common within a movie. Found I recognised the songs when played during the credits give it more entertainment to the audience.

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