Sunday, 27 February 2011

Research - Generic Conventions of a Thriller

Generic Conventions of a Thriller

  • Some form of weapon is used either that be a gun or a knife etc
  • Females are usually targeted to be weak and vulnerable
  • Stairs, Shadows Mirrors are associated with Thrillers
  • Music gives tension
  • Strong light against dark
  • Dark lighting for mysterious and tense scenes
  • The story plays with your mind, makes it more Psychological
  • Plot builds to a climax
  • Characters are caught in a trap, mystery or dangerous situation
  • Characters might not know if their lives are in danger or part of a trap/killing
  • Usual locations for a Thriller are Urban/Cities or Forests/outskirts of a city
  • Detectives or police are usually involved trying to solve a case
  • Heroes have traditionally been portrayed as men, but women have been increasingly popular
  • Crimes are committed on a much larger scale, some are to serial or mass murders, terrorism, Assassination or to overthrow the government
  • The Thriller climax is where the Hero defeats the Villain. The hero saves his own and other people’s lives in the process. Sometimes the Hero dies in the end.
  • Thrillers have now been influenced by horrors, through the gore, violence, terror and deaths/body counts.
  • Music usually creates extra tensions/suspense on the audience and impact it has on the audience when the scene comes to a climax or disaster.

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