Friday, 25 February 2011

27 Dresses

Narrative Features

27 Dresses
Intro of Characters – Jane is presented has a very busy character, has she is a bridesmaid for good friends of hers. She organises partly some of the weddings with the bride. In the intro we see her rushing from one wedding to another in a taxi who catches on and it becomes a routine. She is a hopeless romantic who loves weddings,  romantic gestures such has flowers. She also has a crush on her boss. Her sister who comes to stay for a few weeks takes Jane’s crush and he marries her. The Problem she has is that she can't say no which Kevin tries to get it out of her.
Kevin is also catching on what she is doing. He catches her looking at her watch constantly and running in and out of the first weddings venue and into the taxi. He tries to keep in touch with her and eventually she gives in. He seems to like Jane very much and intends to try and be with her.
Locations – USA – New York and Rhode Island
New York is another Iconic Place where romance is based around, mainly all American Rom-Com’s are located in New York such has Sex and the City.
Theme: Weddings, different stories, romance
Iconography: Katherine Heigl (Main Actress (American) - known for: Greys Anatomy, Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth and Roswell High)
James Marsden (Main Actor (American) - Known for: X-Men, Spiderman Returns and Enchanted)
Record Placement and Features of Credits
No credits of cast just the producer and distributor
Black Background, fancy pink coloured font fades into intro of Film
Text titled “27 Dresses” is faded in and faded out within 2 seconds , “1986” is faded in and out within 2 seconds just after.
How Effective was this
I found that the credits are simple and they where no credits of who was in the movie but only the distributor and producer at the beginning. I found it a little disappointing that they was no mention of who was in the movie.

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