Friday, 25 February 2011

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Narrative Features

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Intro of Characters- Hugh Grant's Character, Charles, is a lazy person; he is shown staying in bed, ignoring his clock alarm. When he realises what time it is and that he is late for the wedding he swears and rushes about, out of bed, getting dresses and his car fails to work which results in taking his friends which she swears also, the car only goes 40 MPH. In his rush, when he arrives at the church they start to dress into their formal clothes. When he gets into the church and meets the groom who says “as long has you haven’t forgotten the rings” in which he smiles, chuckles and says “no” and pats his waist coat which then a pang of regret is shown on his face. He reaches into the pocket and the rings are not there. This shows that he is not trust worthy and that we expect to see more mess ups during the film.
Andie MacDowell’s character, Carrie, is shown has a mysterious character, her big black hat and white suit show her upper class status. Her smile, quiet presence and beauty show how she can be a distraction to Charles who can’t take his eyes off her.
The rest of the characters who are all friends with Charles seem to be ready for weddings and getting on very well. Scarlet who is close friends with Charles shares a house with him and is also late for the weddings with him which shows there is going to be mess ups from  her too during the film.
Locations England; London, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Lambeth
London is another Iconic place where romance is based around as well has Paris and New York.
Theme: Weddings, funeral, comedy, Romance, Different stories
Iconography: Hugh Grant (famous British Actor) - Known for: About a Boy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Music and Lyrics 
Andie MacDowell (Famous American Actress) - Known for: Groundhog day, Short Cuts, Sex Lies and Video Tape and Four Weddings and a Funeral
Record Placement and Features of Credits
Black background white Text features producers and Distributors e.g. Working Title as well has Main Characters – High Grant and Andie MacDowell.
“Four Weddings and a Funeral” title presented in a wedding invitation style with a bouquet of flowers
Rest of Cast and DOP and Editors etc are presented through the intro of the film fading in and out the text is placed at the bottom of the screen coloured white with black shadow
The timings of the text are paced in random order, they have no timing they are present on the screen in 4 seconds

How Effective was this

I found the Title "Four Weddings and a Funeral" being presented was very creative and different. The rest of the credits are simple and simply showed who was in the movie as well has the creators. It didn't interfere with the movie and it didn't distract me.

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