Friday, 1 April 2011

Final "Stage Girls" Logo - Finished - The Process from Original to Final

After some feedback off my teacher and the rest of the group, we decided that the mirror needs cropping, a different background and the "Stage Girls" needs to be bigger and put across the mirror. So with some help with a friend who has experienced with Photoshop CS at home, I uploaded it into Photoshop CS and cropped the mirror, changed the background and the lights were also changed too, as I only used the Mirror picture taken from Google Images so it would be easier to edit.

 I uploaded the picture and cropped it using the lasso tool. The magnetic Lasso tool is easier to use as it finds the areas you want to crop, attaching itself to the areas you are going round with your mouse and therefore makes the cropping process easier and makes the picture look smooth.

Here is the cropped mirror and there is still some edges that needs to be smoothed out. So by using the blur tool the edges become softer which allows me to edit the edges better through the Eraser process.

 Here I have used the Clone tool to make the bottom of the mirror on the slanted side, where the lasso didn't pick up the bottom of the mirror and the wallpaper is still there, I can use one part of the mirror to look like the opposite so that no one knows it was suppose to be like that.

Here I have copied the cropped picture mirror into the new Background taken from here ( and some areas need Erasing as they look unreal and not straight. By doing so you click on Layer 1 in the Right hand panel and click on the Eraser tool and by holding down and moving the mouse you can erase the areas you don't need.

 In this section I have edited the lights by going to Filter - Render - Lighting Effects. I found this was different to that in Photo Impact 10 but the Cloning and the Eraser tools are similar.
 Here is the Lighting Editing Box, it is layed out differently to that in Photo Impact 10. In this you can position the circle anywhere in the picture and make it smaller or bigger to suite how far you want the lighting to go out. You can also changed the shape of the Circle, the light type and its intensity, how glossy you want it, its material from Plastic to Metallic, the Exposure to be Over or under as well has the Ambiance being positive or negative.

I then uploaded the picture into Microsoft Picture it! 9 at home and added the font and Lips. Chloe, who helped me with the mirror, made the Red glass that should be the mirror look better. I couldn't find a suitable reflective mirror glass that would fit into it.

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