Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - 3.) What kind of Media Institution might distribute your Media Product and why?

Our media product would be distributed by a company that isn’t popular such as Universal or Working Title but a company who would put this on TV, on a channel such as Film 4 or a channel that isn’t well known such as Warp Films. Some Distributor's own TV Channels, Radio Stations and Advertisements etc. Our product was made from no budget one camera and a high tech video editing Software, Adobe Premier. This shows that it could be another Paranormal Activity Film which was made by a director in his own home with a budget of £11,000 which shows that anyone can make a film from their own home but depending on how good the quality of the film is, how long it is and if there is a grasping plot then they would be a better chance that it would reach the cinema screen such as Paranormal Activity has done. Distributor's help and promote independent Film Makers as these directors want to become successful in making good quality films and become well known in the film making industry.

Warp Films is known for its typical British gritty films, such as This is England. Our Film is an example of British Gritty films, we don't have the luxurious locations or the huge studios that a bigger budget film would use. We have a typical British Mise-en-scene which attracts a British audience and would be suited for a company like Warp Films. Our film would appeal most to Warp Films, for the locations (The back path Michaella and Shasta walk down and the park) and a British audience would recognise it and appeal to it more because of the characters dress sense the fashion used is different to other countries, the locations and the British accent.

Many Companies such as Warp films, who distributed "This is England" would distribute our film because they are another companies who want to try and build a reputation and become a big distributing company such as Working Title. With these types of Distributing companies who aren't very popular, are supported through the National Lottery, who also help small film makers to make and distribute a film, but are limited to wear and how many they can show, so art houses are a source to show their film with only one film reel to show it at. Our film could have made money from the National Lottery and its UK Film Council, which also funds independent film makers and distributors.

Our Logo was based around an ironic and creepy style fitting to the Thriller Genre. Just like Working Title who are well known and successful in distributing and making Rom-Com’s they have stuck to that from the beginning as other unsuccessful films such as "The Boat that Rocked" didn’t do so well. So our logo was created with the first letter of each of our Names - M = Michaela A = Alex S = Shasta C = Chloe this gave the word "M.A.S.C" looking like the name "Mask" but in an ironic and creepy way. With the idea of masks, this can relate to Thriller conventions as Masks can give a sense of mystery and can give an identity to a villain e.g. - Scream - the villain with the Scream mask (Played by Roger Johnson)

As well has this our Logo had a connection to our Film Logo  - Stage Girls, the use of masks contain connotations to theatre, stage and performance.
Michaela said - "We decided to on the name M.A.S.C Productions because it was all our names put together, it was also a huge benefit for our theme as a mask is kind of a convention of the stage and shows."

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