Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - 2.) How does your Media Product represent particular social groups?

Our film represents teenagers and young adults interested in Thrillers that have characters in the same age group as well as the friendship between teenagers and the dominant male over the females.

Alex "Normal/Typical Teenager fashionable" & Ariadne from Inception Normal/Typical and fashionable teenager

Alex is just a typical teenager who has style and a fashion interest. Many teenagers now are looking at Fashion and "what’s hot" and "what’s in" as does Ariadne, a typical teenager who wears fashionable clothes. Both characters wear a jacket, scarf, top with their own different pattern and style, both wear pants/jeans and shoes. We wanted to give a modern style to the film that they are typical teenagers but are put into a situation where danger occurs. Both Alex and Ariadne explore different areas, Alex in reality and Ariadne in dreams, but both have that exploration element.
Our character is in a much more serious situation than Ariadne's as she is in a dream and Alex in reality and the possibility that something could happen to her. In Ariadne's situation she can make anything impossible, possible. She can bend and move anything in her dream to her will, but Alex in a harder position where she can't find the answers instantly and can trace their steps, she has to go on foot and search for them, with an enemy lurking about and people are in danger.

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