Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation - 7.) Looking back at your premliminary task (continuity editing task) what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

I have learnt a lot since the Preliminary Task mainly that continuity is very important if you want your audience to take the film seriously and to understand the story better. The continuity is very important if we continued our film on, Alex would be wearing the same clothing all the way throughout depending if she had to change for what ever reason within the film, as well as Michaela and Shasta will be wearing the same clothes throughout.

Camera angles are very important to keep with the narrative conventions and to make sure that the audience get every detail of the film as well has to stop it from becoming boring. With these different camera shots we would probably come up with more ideas on and off set just as we did when filming out on locations. I have learnt how different camera angles, positions and shots are important and how they are important to the conventions and to attract the audience. The long shot of Alex running sets the scene, where she is and whats she's doing. The close up angles show the important actions that are taking place, when Aaron picks up the scarf and we have a cross cut of him sniffing it. We don't see a long shot or mid shot of him picking up the scarf and we don't have his full face in the shot as we want to keep the stalker profile, keeping him mysterious to the audience. Zooming in was only used once at the end on Aaron, the girls within their Premliminary task had difficulty using the Tromboning technique but only using it once on Aaron was effective as we wanted to show that the girls didnt know he was there and also gives off the eary and ghostly effect adding to the stalker profile.

Although dialogue wasn't that much of an importance in our piece, the shouting of Alex calling her friends names was just enough to show the viewer who is shouting for and that she is looking for them. We had Shasta say her line of dialogue "I've forgotten by scarf" indicates that she left it on the bench, Aaron has already picked it up and the audience are still wondering what he as done with it and then they turn around as though to go back and find it, but scream which makes the audience wonder what they where screaming at either Aaron or somebody else.

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